COVID19 Update: COVID19 Safety Measures

Skipping vaccines and checkups can be dangerous. Pediatricians’ offices are open and safe. 

We have taken several safety measures to ensure the safety of our patients, parents, and staff, including:
– Screening all patients, parents and staff for COVID19 exposures and symptoms before coming to our office
– Adjusting our appointment schedule to limit the number of people who will be in the waiting room at one time
– Immediately taking patients back to exam rooms and completing their check in process with them in exam room if needed
– Requiring patients (2 years old and older), parents, and staff to wear a mask when in our office
– Only allowing one parent to attend visits with their child (no extra parents and no extra siblings)
– Having all sick visits be done as virtual visits.
– If a sick patient needs to be seen in the office, we bring them in at the end of the day after all our well check ups are done and have then call from their car upon arrival so that they will not be waiting in our waiting room.
– If a sick patient needs a test (i.e., strep test), we often test them outside in their car to avoid any unnecessary exposures in our office
– Frequent cleaning of all high touch surfaces and patient rooms
– Removed all toys and books from offices
Also, please note that each of our offices has a slightly different waiting room space and has a slightly different waiting room procedure.  All procedures are designed with the safety of patients, parents, and staff in mind and comply with all federal, state, and local guidelines.

Other steps you can take to limit the time you spend physically in our office:

– Complete forms and check in via our online portal before your visit.  (Not signed up for our online portal?  Click here to sign up.)
– Call ahead and put a credit card on file for your copay so you will not have to exchange money/credit card with our staff at the time of your visit.
– Bring any school forms that you need filled out with you during your child’s visit so that you don’t have to return to our office to have the form filled out.
– If you prefer to wait in your car and not in our waiting room, you may do so and just call our office when you arrive in our parking lot so that we can bring you back directly to an exam room.

We are here for you and want to make sure your child is getting the health care they need.  If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office.