Dr. Angela Gadsby Retired!

This letter is to announce my imminent retirement as of May 31st, 2022.  As pediatricians we become an integral part of each family’s navigation of parenting through the many ages and stages of childhood.  To then watch these marvelous children bloom has been deeply rewarding. My career could not have been more fulfilling.

I will miss all the children and families that have been such an enormous part of my life over the last 30 years. As well I will miss my Primary Pediatrics family old and new who have shaped and will continue to shape this very fine pediatric practice. I have watched as the practice and all the employees have worked so hard to remain flexible in times that require so much innovation and agility. It is very clear that the future of medicine and pediatrics will change at lightning speed and I have deep faith that this practice will be able to surf these changes beautifully.

As I embark on this new chapter, please know that I am taking each and every one of you with me. I will remember the laughter, the tears and those invaluable moments of clarity and understanding that we have had together. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making my life so rich with meaning.


Dr. Angela Gadsby