Primary Pediatrics is pleased to announce a new initiative to help provide your children with the best care available. For all check-ups and developmental/behavior visits, we will be utilizing CHADIS, a web-based screening, diagnostic and management system. Parents, teens, or teachers should complete the questionnaires on-line before the visit, and CHADIS will analyze the results, which will be available at your child’s visit. This is a great resource in assisting us with early diagnosis of developmental, social, emotional, and behavioral issues.

Note: The CHADIS website and system operate with the highest level of security and ALL patient information is completely confidential. Only your health care provider will have access to view your questionnaire.

For more information about CHADIS, please visit


Step-by-step instructions:

1. Click on the name of the office where your child has an appointment. This will open up a new window for the CHADIS website.

2. In the CHADIS window,

  • If you have not previously registered for CHADIS, click on the “No, I have never used CHADIS before” button, which will take you to a registration screen. Proceed to step 3.
  • If you have a CHADIS registration, click on the “Yes, I have used CHADIS before” button, enter your login information on the next screen, and proceed to step 5.

3. Complete the registration information according to the instructions given on the CHADIS registration page and click the “Register” button to go to the next screen.

4. Record your login information in a secure place or print the CHADIS identification card for future use.

5. Enter the requested information about your child.

6. Select a doctor (you may choose any of our doctors that are listed).

7. Select the reason for the visit.

8. Begin each questionnaire by clicking on the word “Begin” to the left of the questionnaire name.

9. Select “Save and Continue” when each page is completed.

10. Once you have completed all of the pages in a questionnaire, if you are satisfied with your answers, click “Send Now.”

11. Complete steps 8-10 for each questionnaire assigned.

12. (Optional) Click “Go” if you would like to issue an invitation to a teacher or another caregiver to complete. An e-mail will be sent to that individual with a specific invitation code to complete the questionnaire you have invited them to complete. Please be sure to notify us if you authorize your child’s teachers, guidance counselors, or other individuals to participate in the CHADIS online system. We will not automatically be notified and have to manually retrieve the results for each person that completes a questionnaire for your child.

Thank you for your cooperation and trusting us with your child’s medical needs. Our most important goal is to provide your child(ren) with quality medical care.

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